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K2700 KIA TRUCK - IMMOBILISER BYPASS REMOVAL Instructions information pack for How to Remove or Bypass the Immobiliser on KIA K2700 Truck in Australia


Immobiliser Problems

NEW SOLUTION for KIA K2700 Light Truck

Are your Immobiliser Remote Controls Worn out ?

Most Kia Light Trucks made from 1999 to 2006 are fitted with Factory Immobiliser and many owners are finding their remote controls completely worn out, and very difficult to find new ones. If you're in the same situation then we've got some Great news for You !

We have now have the Solution to Remove the Factory Immobiliser on the Kia K2700 Light Truck

Simply "ADD" this item to your Shopping Cart and we'll send you out the Information Pack. It's Completely Simple to do, even if you've never worked on trucks before, and 100% Reliable !

With over 300 units now sold this Hot Product is the Absolute Best and Simplest, Lowest Cost Solution for your KIA K2700 Light Truck Immobiliser problem and Bypass Solution!

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K2700 KIA TRUCK IMMOBILISER REMOVAL KIT >> Instructions and Photos for DIY removing and bypass Kia K2700 Light Truck Immobiliser Removal, Immobiliser Problems, Immobiliser Repairs
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We have the Information Pack of instructions on how to Over-Ride and Bypass (Remove) your factory fitted KIA K2700 Truck Immobiliser. This is an EMAIL Information Instruction solution. You will receive and Email with Instructions and Photos about how to Remove the Immobiliser from your KIA K2700 Truck.

With the 2002 to 2008 KIA Light Truck K2700 Series they are fitted with Factory Immobiliser which by now most of the Remote Controls are worn out, and stopped working. If this sounds like yours, then we have the Solution!

Easiest and Best Way we have found to solve this problem is to just remove the Factory Fitted Immobiliser system and make it so the Truck just starts without having to do anything.

No more remote controls and fussing about.

Just jump in, Start and Go ..!

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