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Fish Fillet Device - Fish FILLETING Machine

"Fillet a whole fish
In under 20 seconds" !!

Perfect Fish Fillets every time !!

Quicker, Easier, Safer than Old hand Fish Filleting

Best for small to medium fish

No Wastage, fillets to the bone!


Normally: $129.00
Sale Price: $124.00
Savings: $5.00

Product Code: FISH-FILLET

Description Extended Information

Introducing the All New - Aussie Fillet ... Fish Filleting Machine !!

This great new Fish Filleting tool allows you to fillet fish "
Quicker, Easier and safer" ...

Than by filleting with conventional fish filleting knives. Even seasoned fisherman who've been filleting fish for years cannot match the speed and accuracy of the Fish Filleting Machine.

... " Fillet Both Sides of the Fish in Under 20 Seconds !! "

You can now Quickly, Easily and safely Fillet BOTH SIDES OF THE FISH in under 20 seconds with more accuracy than ever before! Even the most professional Japanese Sushi Fish Filleting Master and long time fish filleting experts are amazed at the accuracy and simplicity of this device.

The outcome is Precision, Restaurant quality Fish Fillets right down to the bone, every time !!

This Innovative Fish Filleting device allows you to fillet both sides of your fish with perfect precision, shape and thickness without any wastage, risk of cutting your fingers (like with regular fish filleting knives) or dangerous sharp fish spikes!

This machine is designed to take the hassle and guess work out of filleting your day's catch.
Simply place the fish in the device pull the lever and you're done!

2 x Restaurant Quality Fish Fillets ... in Under 20 Seconds !!

"You will never fillet a Fish the old fashioned way by Hand Again"
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